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HEYSPORT is a visual blog about design in the world of sports. 

The goal of this blog is to present a wide assortment of well-curated design that is unbiased to any team, athlete or sport. All designers will be credited whenever possible.  

If you are a designer that think their work would be appropriate for this blog, please send us a message so we can share it with potential fans.


The blog was started by Tim McCarthy as a New Year's resolution to combine two things he is passionate about: design and sports. It has now become a full-time hobby. In 2014, he finally convinced his other designer friend and sport fanatic, Doug Seidman, to join the fun. Who ever said resolutions fizzle out?


Tim McCarthy is a designer that lives in Brooklyn and works for a men's clothing company called Bonobos. Because he wasn't born with the gift of athleticism, he considers this blog to be his big contribution to sports. 

Doug Seidman is a New York City designer that works at Conde Nast Entertainment and runs his own digital agency Scratch on the side. He jumped onto bandwagon teams in the 90s and has never looked back.