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Dave Choate

Tim McCarthy

Dave Choate is a fine artist that specializes in celebrity athlete portraits. I stumbled upon his work while walking around Williamsburg, Brooklyn about a year ago. 

I love meeting directly with artists, asking about their body of work, talking process and hopefully exchanging a handshake when I purchase something. I admire the vulnerability that these artists have by standing on busy streets, hoping that people will see their hard work and possibly support them by purchasing something. I think it shows a lot of character, hustle and determination that goes unnoticed. 

I've been eyeing his work for a while now but never pulled the trigger. But after doing a gift exchange with my fiance, I can now say I'm a proud owner of Dave's work. For the record, she got me prints of Walt Clyde Frazier, Michael Jackson, Carmelo Anthony and Djokovic & Nadal. Here's some more of his work I love: