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Happy New Year

Happy New Year


Last year around this time, I gave myself the resolution of combining two things I love. The result was this blog about design and sports and I couldn't be happier because of two reasons. I actually kept a resolution for the first time and because it has given me a hobby that I enjoy doing every day.

Based on what I've learned from this past year, here's my suggestion for anyone who is trying to make a resolution this year and actually wants to stick to it:

Make a resolution that forces you do more of something that you are passionate about.

Don't try to force yourself to do something that's not already in your daily routine. For instance, if you want to start running twice a week to get in shape, but only ran a combined 5 times last year, you are setting yourself up to fail. You may last two months. Why? Because once you skip a day it will be tough to get back into rhythm. That's why it's best to add to something you already love doing.

You may think my resolution idea is a cop out. Instead, I have found that when you work on something you are passionate about, you actually build good habits and kick the bad ones. For instance, this blog has forced me to be more organized and detailed orientated. It has also forced me to stop procrastinating and post as much as possible.

Don't drop the ball this year. You can do it. 



I want to thank everyone for all the support. Sometimes I feel like I'm am talking to an empty room, but a lot of people have assured me that they enjoy the content of this blog. Your feedback makes this a fun challenge. Please continue to send me things that you think is worth posting. 



I'm also thrilled to announce that after harassing him for a year, my friend Doug Seidman will start contributing to this blog. Doug is a talented designer, avid sports fan and one of the toughest critics I know. He is filled with great ideas for this site so I'm excited to have him aboard. 


Batter up. 

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