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The Check Heard 'Round The World

Tim McCarthy

If you aren't familiar with Victory Journal, then you should start checking it out. Victory is both a print and online publication that features athletes and their untold stories. The combination of strong design and unexpected story lines about sports has been a huge inspiration for this blog and other design projects. 

It encompasses oral histories and personal essays, photographs and illustrations, films and animations, embracing story-telling methods both classic and not-yet-invented.

In addition to creating a beautiful and well-written print piece, Victory has found ways to tell very compelling stories digitally. One of the most recent additions to their website is the story about when the CSKA Moscow hockey team came to play the Philadelphia Flyers in 1976 for an exhibition game. The comic book animations of Stephen Halker's illustrations bring The Check Heard 'Round The World to life. 

In January 1976, the last place the vaunted CSKA Moscow hockey team wanted to be was Philadelphia: petri dish for America’s Seventies malaise, cradle of its Bicentennial, and home to the NHL’s Flyers, “the Broad Street Bullies.” They were the last team the Soviets needed to beat to become the world’s finest. It was the next-to-last best thing to happen to hockey in America.