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Tim McCarthy

On Thursday, May 1st, Spikes High will be hosting an event called SPORTS! at Compound Gallery in Portland, OR. The event, which is put on by Nathan Tabor, will feature a lot of art from designers that I've featured on this site (Jon Contino, Nathan Gelgud, Matthew Hollister, Nathan McKee & many more). If you enjoy the type of content on this site and are in the area, I highly recommend checking it out. 

Check back soon for another post about work featured at the show.

Illustrations by Nathan Gelgud

What's Spikes High? Well, it's more than just another Tumblr page...

The Spikes High perspective in one born out of sports bar ribbing, 2500-word Grantland breakdowns of Stephen Curry’s jumper, walk-off homers, throwback logos, Kenny Powers anything, reading box scores in the paper, PTI shouting matches, Mean Gene on Saturday Night’s Main Event, Ebbet’s Field’s attention to craft, the last 30 seconds of a Sweet Sixteen game, Sports Center with Keith and Dan, enthusiasm for distinguished design in all forms, and that split second of magic you feel when you walk into the ballpark/stadium/arena on game day.
— Nathan Tabor