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One Man's Trash

Tim McCarthy

Well I feel like a piece of shit. 

Last week, I post about my favorite commercials for the World Cup. All of which were for huge companies like Nike, McDonald's and ESPN. The production value for all them were insane and it didn't look like a penny was spared. They were no doubt entertaining, but then I saw this one by The New York Times and I had a change of heart. 

This 3 minute video was far more moving than the combined 5 videos I posted about and probably costed close to nothing...which essentially is what the video is about. The video didn't require any explanation but the message is bigger than one man's trash becoming someone else's soccer ball. I also think it transcends the sport of soccer too.

Sports bring us together and it doesn't take a huge event that happens every 4 years to do it. The best part of playing sports is the simplicity of not needing much to play. Whether it's a milk crate basketball hoop, a taped up stick for home run derby, or a make-shift goal in your back yard, the glory of playing sports is that it doesn't require much to make it happen.

As a kid, we've all dreamed of having a game winning moment, but rarely do we ever think about the ball or sneakers when we image that moment.