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Best World Cup Commercials

Tim McCarthy

There's a lot of hype surrounding the 2014 FIFA World Cup and nothing gets me more excited for the games than a good commercial to promote the craziness. Below are my Top 5 favorites (so far). 

#5 Hyundai's "Because Futbol"

Short, cute and funny. 

#4 McDonald's "GOL!"

Home video style of some unexpected people doing some trick shots. 

#2 ESPN's "Time Zone"

Soccer and communal TV sets brings everyone together.

#2 Nike Footbal's "Winner Stays"

A long entertaining commercial with a bunch of cameos playing some fast paced footie. Much like the "My Time is Now" and 2010 World Cup commercial "Write the Future".  

#1 Beats by Dre's "The Game Before The Game"

Not sure if this involved Apple yet or why Nike had such a huge presence but...WOW. Goosebumps. I'm don't always side with the big spend, over-the-top commercials but this was intense and better than most summertime movie blockbusters. It had cameos, family values and I think I caught a girl having sex? Not to mention that the song was absolutely perfect. Well done, Doctor.