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A King's Castle

Tim McCarthy

Why do high profile athletes have such horrible websites? 

Tiger Woods' personal website looks dated, Wayne Gretzy's is just capturing email addresses and Michael Jordan's is under construction. (It even has one of those icons of a guy doing construction!) These guys are sport legends and worth BIG BUCKS, but they can't get a decent website? I think it's crazy. I know it's not something people would directly check every day but it's the first thing that comes up when you Google their name. I'm sure there's enough traffic to justify investing a decent amount into a quality site. 

When LeBron made his second decision, I went directly to his website only to be unimpressed by the art direction. This is the biggest name in sports right now and his site looks like a school project. The gradient clip art buildings are hideous, the type is weak and the cut-out images him are sloppy. 

This morning I was happy to see that a designer by the name of Vivek Venkatraman took a stab at redesigning LBJ's website himself. It's not perfect, but it's a billion times better. If you're going to nickname yourself a King, then you better have a nice castle to back it up.