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The New

Tim McCarthy

ESPN has finally got around to updating their website and to promote the redesign, they launched a landing page to explain what's new about it. Each section of the page has some nice animated illustrations to explain the new features. The most apparent one is that users will be able to personalize their homepage more so that they can read scores and news of the teams they care about most. 

Overall, the UI follows the flat design trend by stripping out a lot of the excessive textures and gradients that gave the old site a very metallic look. The color palette is also a lot lighter by killing a lot of the black and instead using multiple shades of light grey. Those saturated collage backgrounds appear to be out of the picture as well.

Personally, I never understood all the industrial machine theme that ESPN has been using since I could remember. All those animations made me feel like I was watching a Ford pick up truck commercial, not a sport broadcast channel. It might have came off masculine to appeal to their demographic viewers, but it never felt very "sporty" to me.  Recently, I've also noticed that SportCenter has stripped down their news feed and ticker to be a much flatter design too. This is definitely a step in the right direction. However...

I'm excited to use the new but what I really care about is to see if they have updated their Fantasy Football UI. The current one is one of the hardest products I use on the internet and I'm pretty tech savvy. There's too many navigation options (multiple tabs and drop downs), type styles are all over the place and there's too many third party widgets. A simple task like adding/dropping a player shouldn't involve so many steps. The user experience could be so much better so I hope there's some big updates there.