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Brady vs Manning

Tim McCarthy

Earlier in the NFL season, when the Patriots played Denver, ESPN released a piece about the rivalry between Brady and Manning

With the AFC Championship on the line this weekend, it's more relevant than ever. Does a between Brady and Manning always get overhyped? Yes. However, this one might be the most important game in their rivalry because if the Broncos don't win, it may be Peyton's last game. I try to keep this blog unbiased but I can't hide that I'm a huge fan of Peyton and would love to see him get back to one more Super Bowl so that he can redeem himself from that ugly loss against the Seattle Seahawks. Do I feel confident about his noodle arm? Absolutely not.

I wasn't crazy about some of the pieces on the post but I was a big fan of the animated illustrations that were done by Titus Smith (illustrations) and Jason Yang (animations).