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Strength in Numbers

Tim McCarthy

Every year, all 16 teams involved in the NBA Playoffs get some slogan to support their team. Most commonly, these graphic slogans are seen on t-shirts of the home crowd when they are trying to psych out the opposing team with something like a "white out." Sometimes they're classic and simple like "Go Spurs Go" and others are a bit of stretch and come off gimmicky.  

The 2015-16 Golden State Warriors are using a term that might sound cheesy at first but given the record setting numbers the team put up this season and the very supporting fans, it actually works really well. The agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners ran with these numbers in a super smart campaign. 

With some hand-written type, they created a beautiful type lockup while subtly converting the "m" to a tally mark. It's extremely clever but it's also a nice break from the ultra-sporty type that fans are accustomed to seeing.

What really defines the campaign is how this small element translates to stats that can be applied to both the team, players and fans.

There are all these numbers, from the fans to the staff to the players. Everyone is tallying up these stats, so to speak, and this is kind of a way of unifying everybody.
— Danny Gonzalez, Creative Director

The campaign was displayed across several mediums, including print, video and even an interactive element for fans online.

In my opinion, the Golden State Warriors having one of the worst sport logos around. However, GSP was able to subtly mimic the bridge shape with the tally mark and it was a really nice touch.