The holidays are stressful and buying gifts for a list of people doesn't make things easier. This year, I thought I'd to help out by creating a Gift Guide, highlighting great pieces by artists and small businesses I often post about. These gifts offer a selection of products that range in price, medium, type of sport and best of all, they're original. As always, this is a fan first site, so I'm not making anything in return for promoting this stuff.

I hope it's helpful or at the very least, inspiring.
Happy Holidays!


White men can't jump
by Aaron Dana

Give the gift of Sidney & Billy this holiday with this White Men Can't Jump print from Aaron Dana. You can even tell the gift receiver that you hustled someone in a street game to get it.


Marvelous Moustaches
BY left field cards

Movember season is over but that doesn't mean you can't keep the growing going. Own a piece of history with these hand-drawn illustrations of famous baseball players with Marvelous Moustaches.

BY Andy Gellenberg

If you have a Jordan fan on the list, let them buy their own sneakers. Instead, opt for something their wall can wear with this 23 print from Andy Gellenberg.


the Eephus League Halfliner
BY Bethany Heck

Do you have a real baseball nerd in the family? Well then, you can't get a better gift than the Eephus League Halfliner book. It's the perfect way to keep track of every play.

Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway
BY Chris Dibenedetto

Despite having a short career due to multiple injuries, Penny Hardaway was a fan favorite in his prime. Have a brother who watched a lot of basketball during the late 90s? This print is a perfect way to bring back memories. 

BY Daniel Nyari

Daniel Nyari has perfected a illustration style that is both unquie and colorful. He does a lot of individual portraits but this Playmakers print brings a bunch of legends to one page. Making it an easy gift for any footie fan on your list. 


Mike Tyson
BY Dave Choate

Dave Choate is an amazing artist that paints a range of athletes. If you want to splurge, you should buy one of his originals. The other option is stock up on a bunch of prints that are available in few sizes. Great stocking stuffers.

Fluid Football
BY David Flanagan

David Flanagan is a talented illustrator who does an amazing job capturing fluid forms of football players. This print of Paul Pogba is one of my favorites but his store is filled with a bunch of great pieces. His work will definitely be hit for anyone that is a fan of the game.

Chicago Sports series
BY Elias Stein

Have to buy for someone that's crazy about Chicago sports? Elias Stein recently released a series of Windy City sport team prints. You can even pick between the Cubs and the White Sox.

Great Jews of Basketball
BY Jacob Weinstein

This piece by Jacob Weinstein is still one of the coolest things I've ever come across. Funny, clever and original, this is a great gift for any basketball fan on the list.

BY JAmes white

YES! A gift for the wrestling fan on your list. James White aka Signal Noise, releases a series of illustrations of wrestlers each year in a series he calls StarKade. But hurry up because these bad boys sell out quick.

Diamond dictionary - Fielding
BY Jeremy Reiss

Diamond Dictionary, a series of 3 prints about Fielding, Hitting and Catching is another great gift idea for any baseball fan in your family. You can buy the series or just your favorite.

Don't mess with the bull
BY Jon smith

Buying for someone who likes to live by the term "Don't Mess with Texas"? This print by Jon Smith captures that spirit with this illustration of the famous baseball brawl with Texas Ranger pitcher, Nolan Ryan.

Game Over
BY Matthew Hollister

A beautiful, simple screen printed item that can go anywhere in a sports fan's home. You can't screw this up...unless you wait too long to purchase it.

October bats
BY Mitchell Bat Company

Baseball won't be back for a while but you can still own a piece of history with these commemorative painted bats for the past World Series between the Kansas City Royals and New York Mets. MBC also offers an array of other teams too.

Shawn Kemp Paper Cut
BY Nathan McKee

If you want to give someone something that is a true, original, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, then look no further. Nathan hand cuts pieces of construction paper to create sport masterpieces of his favorite athletes.

Baseball Jerks
BY Oliver Barrett

Baseball Jerks is a personal project of Oliver's showcasing some of baseball's great weirdos and crooked characters. Own a single print or get a random opening a pack of cards.

5th Place pennant
BY Paulina Ho

Nothing says "You're a winner" better than a 5th Place pennant. Hand-type by Paulina and then hand-sewn by The Lumber Farm using wool felt materials. None of that screen-printed stuff. 

Jumbotron Art
BY Peter Chen

Peter Chen recreates his favorite players in an original style that mimics the graphics of an old jumbotron. Buy a print for the ol' timer on the list because they will be sure to respect it.

NBA Slam Dunk Contest Participants
BY Robb Harskamp

Your best friend will never have to reference Wikipedia to figure out who won the 1996 NBA Slam Dunk Contest once you gift him this amazing visual guide by Robb Harskamp.

Kobe's Legacy
BY Ryan Simpson

During his final farewell season, Kobe fans will be trying to snatch up every piece of merchandise that includes the famous Laker. Surprise the fan on your list with this amazing piece by one of my favorite illustrators, Ryan Simpson.

Minimalist Football
BY S. Preston Chuhon

In terms of tradition, the "Lambeau Leap" is one of the best in the game of football. If you gift this simple minimalist print to a Green Bay Packer fan, they will be sure to do a leap of their own.

World Cup
BY Rafael Mayani

The 2014 World Cup may be in the books but this poster from Rafael Mayani does an amazing job illustrating legendary players from the tournament. This is a timeless gift for any futbol fan.

We'll Always be Royal T-shirt
BY Tad Carpenter

Tad Carpenter designed this shirt two seasons ago when his team, the Kansas City Royals, made a run in the playoffs and eventually reached the World Series. They might have lost a heartbreaking Game 7 but they came back to win it this year. Proving that they'll always be Royal.

Draymond Green
BY Timothy Mcauliffe

All fans of basketball have jumped on the bandwagon of the Golden State Warriors since their win of 2015 NBA Finals and the long undefeated record this season. Give the gift of tenacity with this hot print from Timothy McAuliffe.

NBA Legends
BY Van Orton Design

Gifting for someone that loves the Golden Era of basketball? Then, look no further. This NBA Legends print by Van Orton Design is a colorful piece that showcases some of the best. Got a lucky number?

BY Zach Bolotin

In my humble opinion, Sandlot is the best baseball movie of all time. It captures the pure enjoyment of baseball, summer and friends. Bring back some memories by gifting this print to an old friend.