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Matthew Hollister

Tim McCarthy

I came across the incredible work of Matthew Hollister on Dribbble. I wanted do a post about his work but didn't feel like his Dribbble shots did enough justice. So for the first time since starting the blog, I reached out to the designer and asked if he would be willing to share full-size versions of his work along with some project descriptions. I was lucky enough to get a quick response back. Well Matt, you made a fan. 

Indecisive Dwight

Is Dwight ever happy? Does he really want to win a championship? Does he even like basketball? Does he ever know what he wants? This animated GIF by Matthew sums it up perfectly.

A painted series for DoubleScribble event in Boston titled the "Not So Great White Hypes".

Nuggets on a Rampage

A dedicated illustration for basketball blog, Hardwood Paroxysm, who releases a yearly NBA preview PDF. The only guideline was to incorporate some vintage video game.

I loved the Sonics growing up and always picked them when I played NBA Jam so I found this illustration to be hilarious. Matthew, also a huge fan of the Sonics, found Detlef Schrempf and Shawn Kemp to both be basketball giants in this city, but are so completely different. He decided to name his fantasy basketball team "Detlef Kempf" and created this combination portrait as his logo.

A commissioned illustration for The New Yorker review on Earl "The Pearl" Monroe's book.

An illustration project for the Portland Monthly about the upcoming season and the possibilities of the Trailblazers. These were card illustrations of big man LaMarcus Aldridge and young gun Damian Lillard.