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MJ Leg Series

Tim McCarthy

Michael Jordan was always a recognizable athlete and still is today. However, most people think of his shaved head, the iconic #23 jersey, a ferocious tongue or probably most famously, his Nike Jordan silhouette. The last thing anyone would ever mention are his legs. Right?

Wrong. Let me introduce you to the "MJ Leg Series" by Jennifer Hynds which is a collection of illustrations of MJ's legs for every year he played on the Chicago Bulls. It's smart, beautiful and by far on my favorite projects I have come across since starting this blog.

The great thing about these illustrations are that none of Jordan's famous features are shown and yet viewers are still able to identify the subject matter immediately. Yes, the shoes are definitely recognizable but I think that just enhances the composition. Everything else is striped from the moment: the ball, the hoop, the crowd and even most of the color. But because of the shoes we are able to place those legs to a year or season and maybe even the game in which that dunk happened. Viewers can use the shoes help fill in the blanks or allow themselves to see shapes and negative space that convey pure athletic motion. 

There's tons of Michael Jordan fan art out of there so when selecting what to post on this blog, I try to find work that is sometimes a little different. I applaud Jennifer in her decision to focus on beauty that is often missed.