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I'm excited to check out the new Jackie Robinson movie, 42, but what has got me even more excited is the photo that's being used to market this movie all over NYC. I love the contrast in the colors and the composition of using so much white space. The thing I like most about this image is that it is a beautiful image horizontally, but still powerful and compelling when it's turned vertical. Not sure if I've seen that before...

vertical poster

Diving into some other sport movie posters, I did find some other common motifs being used.

The Face OFF


Little Giants

Balls with human personas and sunglasses

Major League

Necessary Roughness

Illustration of a team filled with delinquents

Slap Shot

Bad News Bears

Big Guy & Little Guy Combo

The Air Up There

The Scout

Hair Plugs

Hair Plugs

We still got next

We still got next