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The Eephus League

Tim McCarthy

The Eephus League of Baseball Minutiae was a senior project created by Bethany Heck. According to her website, the name “Eephus” references an incredible slow pitch designed to throw off the timing of a hitter.

The backbone of the project is the Eephus League website, a community driven blog where baseball fans can upload photos, share stories and view information about all of the miscellanea and minutiae that make baseball such a rich entity. The site automatically formats the different categories of posts in a uniform way, allowing the site to be visually consistent despite having multiple authors. The Eephus League also has a print component, with 5 booklets containing various pieces of baseball history, statistics and trivia.

In addition to the website, she has also started a Kickstarter project in hopes to get some of her products made and bring scorekeeping back to the masses. 

She also created an Eephus online magazine. A must read for any diehard baseball fans.