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Don't Mess With The Bull

Tim McCarthy

I was in Austin for SXSW a couple weeks ago and stumbled upon a gallery with this print. I especially like the grungy, cartoonish nature of this print and the subtle Texas references in the background. The gallery owner informed me that it was done by artist Jon Smith and can be purchased online here

After Ryan hit Robin Ventura of the Chicago White Sox with a pitch, Ventura charged the mound in order to fight Ryan, who was 20 years his senior. Ryan secured the 26-year-old Ventura in a headlock with his left arm, while pummeling Ventura’s head with his right fist six times before catcher Iván Rodríguez was able to pull Ventura away from Ryan. Ryan stated afterwards it was the same maneuver he used on steers he had to brand on his Texas ranch.

I was too young of a buck to remember this game, but thank god for YouTube.