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Patriotic Ducks

Tim McCarthy

The Oregon Ducks strike again by releasing two practice uniforms for their annual Spring Football Game that show their support for the troops. This year, both the home and away uniforms have unique details including new nameplates, insignias and patches that tell stories of support and honor. Following the game, Oregon players will present their uniforms to approximately 100 uniformed men and women representing all branches of the military.

The olive home uniform design was inspired by Oregonian Art Miller’s lifetime of military service in the 41st Division of the U.S. Army. Miller played linebacker for the Ducks as a freshman in 1939 before joining the National Guard and being called to active service. 

The all white uniform was inspired by Nike co-founder and University of Oregon Track & Field Coach Bill Bowerman's time in the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army. Bowerman's division wore an all-white uniform and was trained for mountain terrain and arctic conditions.

Side note: For having some of the most badass and well-designed uniforms in the world, the University of Oregon has a pretty poorly designed school website. Perhaps the share a little bit of design love across the school?