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The Nike Bowls

Tim McCarthy

This past weekend, four Nike-sponsored teams battled in the first ever college football playoffs and Nike didn't disappoint when it came to the uniforms. 

In the Sugar Bowl, the #1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide wore their official home uniforms while The Ohio State Buckeyes wore their away uniforms. Both schools are known for their traditional looks so not much changed. 

In the Rose Bowl Game, the Oregon Ducks wore their all-green home uniforms while the Florida State Seminoles wore their away maroon jerseys combined with gold pants.

Tonight, the Oregon Ducks and Ohio State Buckeyes will take the field to determine the first ever College Football Playoff National Champion. Again, both teams will suit up wearing some of Nike's best uniforms.

The Oregon Ducks will take the field wearing new away uniforms including a white jersey with tonal gray and silver accents, together with wolf gray pants and a white helmet with silver wings. The jersey showcases the tonal silver “Fighting Ducks” logo on the sleeve and the pants feature the words “Fighting Ducks” along the legs.

A very bold move for a team that almost never loses in green or yellow

The Ohio State Buckeyes will wear their home uniform, a scarlet jersey with white and gray accents reminiscent of the 1968 championship game, combined with gray pants and the team’s traditional gray helmet.

Although I'm a fan of Oregon's uniforms, I think their high power offense will win this game. My prediction? Ducks 37-21.