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Knicks Tape

Tim McCarthy

It's been a highly disappointing season for the New York Knicks considering they had such a great run last year and finished as a second seed in the Eastern Conference. Last year's team was filled with a lovable cast; a bonafide superstar, multiple aged veterans, a lose cannon and a token white guy who only shoots 3-pointers. As a fan who follows them religiously, it was hard to watch them make so many poor trades and acquisitions in the off-season.

2012-13 New York Knicks

On the other hand, this season, it's been a lot of fun to follow Nathan Gelgud on Instagram who posts a Knick player drawing after every win. The best part? They're not always of players you would expect like Carmelo Anthony. 

Most recently, he posted a bunch of drawings of Walt "Clyde" Frazier for this his birthday. 

Nathan does a bunch of other illustrations including athletes, rappers and the occasional selfie when he can't figure out what hat to wear.