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The Philosopher

Tim McCarthy

It's a official. The New York Knicks have a new president of their organization and his name is Phil Jackson. In honor of his big day, here is a collection of designs from Jacob Grief, Rory Dean, Tyler HoehneAdam Zyglis and M. Brian Bowens to pay homage to the Zen Master. 

Jacob Greif

Rory Dean

Tyler Hoehne

Adam Zyglis

M. Brian Bowens

Here's a gallery of Phil in his glory days as a player. Look at that hair!

The Knicks are in bad shape this season and the organization has been a mess for a while. He will definitely have his hands full with a ton of questions on the table. Can he make a push for the Playoffs this season? Will Coach Mike Wooden be around next year? How will he create the next Jordan/Pippen or Shaq/Kobe combo? And will Melo be involved?

Can anyone save the Knicks at this point? I'm not sure, but as a Knicks fan, I'm pretty optimistic that he is our best choice. Probably our only choice at this point since no one wants to be involved with the Knicks in any way.

However, I like my team's fate in the hands of someone who has one 2 championship rings as a player and 11 as a coach. And if he can bring a championship to the Garden? He goes down as being the all time best.  If he doesn't? Then we know that the Knicks can't be fixed and I should probably find a new team to follow.