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Trick Shots

Tim McCarthy

Part of my full-time job is art directing a men's golf line called Maide. For the past two seasons, we've created a newsprint catalog to showcase the clothes for that season. Most recently, we had Weston Wells shoot The Breakers' Head Pro John Webster down in Palm Beach, Florida.

Webbie is an incredible golfer and was also a natural in front of the camera. One things that made it fun to shoot him was all the trick shots he could do. For instance, the cover of the newsprint was of him hitting golf balls into the ocean off his long board.

He could also do the standard 'flick the ball up and hit in the air shot'. The photos were good but I thought an illustration would be a great way to break up book so we hired Chelsea Boenhke to illustrate the sequence and the final product turned out awesome.

I only gave her the 3 shots above but she was able to fill in the gaps no problems with some simpler illustrations.

In the end, we ended up using it on spread with another trick shot of him driving balls while doing a split. 

If you are curious to check out the rest of the book, you can check out the slideshow below.