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The Sandlot

Tim McCarthy

One of my favorite movies to this day is The Sandlot. A classic film about a new kid, Scotty Smalls, who moves to a new town and just wants to learn baseball and make friends that summer. The towns best baseball player, Benny "The Jet" Rodriquez, ends up takes him under his wing to teach him everything about the game. Even gives him a hat! It's all good until Small gets them into the biggest pickle of the summer...  

A while back, I was thrilled to hear that Porchlight Coffee & Records in Seattle hosted a collection of artwork inspired by the movie. Two of my favorite pieces came from the owner Zach Bolotin. One is a drawing of the coveted baseball signed by Babe Ruth and the other is an illustration of all the hats that the kids wear in the movie. The hat one is available for sale here