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Nike Jordan Training

Tim McCarthy

In 2015, Nike launched Jordan Training as part of the larger Jordan Brand. Jordan Training is a collection of products designed to help athletes beat the elements, making training possible anytime, anywhere.

Manual, a San Francisco based agency, was tasked with designing a custom typeface for the sub-brand, that felt elegant and refined, yet still embodied the core values of the Jordan Brand.

The end result is gorgeous. It's a great counter to the Jordan silhoutte and works really well over large scale over imagery (as intended). The slightly condensed form gives a sporty vibe but the thin light weight adds a modern aesthetic. The numerics also remind me of something you would see on a soccer jersey. In my opinion, that's a good thing. I wish other sports, like basketball, would take a cue instead of always relying on heavy collegiate faces. 

We wanted the typeface to look delicate and polished, but with a sense of movement and fluidity. We found ways within the letter forms to create a sense of twisting, movement and energy in the typography.
— Manual