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The Curse of Maracanã

Tim McCarthy

Christoph Niemann, is a talented illustrator, artist and author. His portfolio includes a ton of great work for big clients like Google and MoMA. However, one my favorites is a personal one where he sketched 46 images while running the New York City Marathon. 

Since July 2008, Niemann has been writing and illustrating the whimsical Abstract City, a New York Times blog, renamed Abstract Sunday in 2011, when the blog’s home became The New York Times Magazine. For his column he draws and writes essays about politics, the economy, art and modern life.

Today, the New York Times Magazine released an slideshow about Chris's trip to Brazil to uncover the The Curse of Maracanã. The feature includes photos, illustrations and animations. and is definitely worth the read/watch. Also, make sure your sound is on!

Here are some of my favorite slides from it: