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Eight by Eight

Tim McCarthy

Last week, my co-worker passed me along a magazine called Eight by Eight, a new publication about football and its place in our culture. Where does the name come from? Well, that's the length of the goal posts (8 feet in height x 8 yards length).

It’s really exciting to see that football is experiencing a resurgence in North America and that even greater exposure and awareness is coming to the U.S. than ever before. Like every serious football fan, we are thrilled to participate in our growing community. That is why we started this magazine—to celebrate our treasured sport, summon up its past and bring you the future.

The goal of the magazine will be to provide excellent journalism covering the teams, coaches and players, but also having a strong focus on modern graphics with best illustration in a beautifully produced, large-format magazine that will come out four times a year.

The magazine really is a beautiful print piece and the following spreads have helped me discover some new talents that I look forward to covering on this blog.

Illustration by Ben Kirchner

Illustration by Michael Hoeweler

Illustration by Peter Strain