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USA Crest

Tim McCarthy

Earlier this year, the US Soccer Federation updated the crest that is worn by the men and women teams. Instead of changing the crest completely, they decided to evolve it by removing the gold border and making the blue a lighter shade. It's now featured on the USMNT jerseys at the World Cup.

Designer Mike Retrum took a stab at redesigning the crest and how it would be applied to the uniforms. 

I dig Mike's design for a couple reasons. It's clean, has meaning and it gets rid of that horrible soccer ball graphic that looks extremely dated (kind of looks like the Phoenix Suns too). I also like how he used a darker navy and not the lighter shade of blue which seems really off to me. The new badge doesn't really make or break the uniform concepts, but I really like the navy jersey option with red striped sleeves and socks to match. 

It's also worth calling out that Mike did some amazing branding concepts for the NYCFC team too.

However, the best redesign of the badge is something I discovered on Fraser Davidson's Dribbble page

This design really has it all in terms of color, type and overall lockup. What I like most about it is that the vertical lines that make up 'USA' and the negative space between the characters mimic the stripes of a flag. So subtle, but it makes the entire badge that much better.