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It must be the shoes

Tim McCarthy

This year Michael Jordan aka Air Jordan celebrated his 50th birthday. 50! MJ was most known for his ability to dominate the game of basketball, but I don't want to get into that. Instead of writing about all of his accomplishments, I'm going to share some inspiring images related to his shoes over the years. 

First, is the illustrated sneaker font concept created by Will Smith.

Another set of Illustrations, done by Robb Harskamp, who is a super talented graphic designer. I will dive into his body of work another time.

Jordan XIs by Robb Harskamp

Nike: Air Jordans done by Robb Harskamp

I came across this set on a tumblr page called Kick Draw.

Pumped Up Kicks Air Jordan series by Nick Jarvis

By far the biggest collection I came across was done by Julien Perrat

Last but not least, paintings by Dave White

Art & Sole sneaker book

Ever wonder where the iconic Jumpman logo came from?